I represent consumers in personal injury cases and insurance disputes. On personal injury cases, I do not take a fee unless you win. My experience in handling cases comes from over eight years as an insurance adjuster. In that time, I handled auto claims, motorcycle claims, boat claims, airplane claims, and a variety of other types of injury claims. My experience as an adjuster gives me a unique insight into the claim process and claim valuation.

When you call my office, you deal directly with me. We will talk about the crash, your injuries, and how I can help you. Not everyone needs an attorney and I will tell you that as well. But if you do, I can provide you with a value of the case from my perspective, as well as tell you what the adjuster is thinking, and why.

If you are involved in an accident of any kind, do not talk to the insurance company until you have called me first. I will discuss your case with you and explain your rights on our initial consultation, regardless of whether you ultimately choose to have me represent you. If you have already started dealing with the insurance company, and been frustrated by their delaying tactics and refusal to pay your valid claim, call my office to find out how I can help you.

Remember that the insurance company is not trying to help you. They are out to make a profit for their shareholders. The insurance company wants to pay you the smallest amount possible to resolve your claim

For insurance disputes, I can represent policyholders in coverage disputes. As a CPCU, I have evaluated hundreds of coverage opinions and provided guidance to insurance companies. Now I can help you determine what is covered by your insurance policy. Additionally, during the claims process, if your insurance company refers your case to an attorney for an examination under oath, or asks you to speak to their attorney, you should first consult an attorney. As a former adjuster who handled what the insurance companies call “questionable” claims, I resolved hundreds of these matters. I now represent people during the examination under oath. Further, I handle insurance bad faith cases against the insurance companies. Please visit my blog, and read the articles I write that insurance adjusters read! You can also email me for my free reports about insurance, protecting your rights and making sure you get everything you are entitled to recover!