Landlord tenant law is a growing issue in California and the Central Valley. Sacramento and San Joaquin counties are seeing an increase in the number of unlawful detainers filed. Most of my phone calls are from people who get an unlawful detainer and do not know what it is. Put simply, an unlawful detainer is an eviction.

At my office, I represent landlords and tenants. This is the one area of law where I work on both sides. I find that staying current of trends on both sides allows me to provide better representation to my clients and better understand the issues and needs of my clients.

For landlords, I can prepare the 3 day, 7 day or 60 day notice. I can have it professionally served using one of the best process servers in the state – a company that only works for lawyers. This helps us make sure that the process is started properly and helps us avoid surprises down the road. If the case warrants the filing of a lawsuit, I personally prepare the complaint and make sure that it is filed timely by using my process server to file it and then serve it on the tenant. I will try the case and I am familiar with the delaying tactics that some tenants use – including false bankruptcy filings, adding tenants to the property, and simply ignoring the process.

For tenants, I can negotiate a resolution with the landlord before a lawsuit is filed, which can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. If a lawsuit is filed, I can help you defend the lawsuit, raise issues that are appropriate to be raised, and prepare a full defense, through trial.

You can reach my office for a free consultation if you are a landlord or a tenant. You can email me or call to have your questions answered.