My estate planning practice is new. But, just like every other aspect of my practice, when you call my firm, you deal directly with me. I am the only person you talk to about your finances, your last wishes and what happens to your estate.

For most people, they do not even know what we mean by estate planning. Here is the basic idea: Estate planning is a process where you get to decide what happens to your property if you are unable to manage them, how they will be distributed, who gets your assets after death and when, and how health care decisions are made for you. A good estate plan includes tax, medical, and business planning, as well as taking care of your kids.

Estate planning involves determining what you own and what it is worth. Then you decide who you want to receive those assets and when, who should manage them during your life and after your death, and who will take care of your children if you cannot care for them. Further, estate planning involves who will make decisions for you if you cannot make your own decisions and what you want done with your remains after you die.

Some people think they do not need an estate plan. However, everyone needs an estate plan. If you have a small estate, you may just need to figure out who will manage your estate, pay your debts and distribute your assets. If you have a larger estate, you may need to consider preserving assets, limiting taxes and other considerations. If you do not make these plans, a Judge may make them for you in probate.

Contact my office about your situation. We will discuss the options, have you complete some paperwork and I will make recommendations – all at no charge. If you want to proceed, we can discuss the costs and benefits of the various options. You can email me to discuss your options.