For the last 10 years, I have worked with consumers who have fallen behind on their bills. At some point, most Americans will fall behind on a bill. It could be due to a family emergency, illness, or job loss. My practice runs the gamut from the first time you fall behind to litigation. Once you get behind, I can negotiate with creditors, either a lump sum payment or set up a payment plan so you can avoid the stress of litigation. However, if the debt collector sues you, do not bury your head in the sand – call me. I have defended many consumers across California who have been sued by debt collectors. And if the debt collector violates the law, I will sue them for debt collection violations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the California Rosenthal Act.

When you call my office, you deal directly with me.There is no middle man or anyone else who hears about your financial situation. Most people are uncomfortable talking about their finances. When you call, you only talk to me about your finances.  I will explain your options and recommend a course of action. Not everyone needs an attorney and I will tell you that as well. But if you do, I can provide you with a range of options and will give you an estimated cost during your free consultation.

If you are contacted by a debt collector, receive a letter or a phone call, do not talk to the debt collector. Talk to me first. I will tell you about that particular collector and how I expect them to proceed. I will discuss your rights, the law and how to protect yourself, regardless of whether you ultimately choose to have me represent you. If you have tried working with the debt collector and you have found them frustrating, caught them lying, or been frustrated by their tactics, call me.

Remember that the debt collector is not trying to help you. They are out to make money – and a lot of it. The debt collector wants to get as much money from you as possible to maximize their profits. Most debt collectors will lie and cheat to get you to pay them. The faster they can get you to commit to paying, the more money they make.

Please visit my blog, and read the information I have shared with you! You can also email me for my free reports about debt collection and how to protect yourself!