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Here are some client testimonials. Because of the types of cases I handle, I take special care to protect my clients’ confidentiality. For that reason, I do not use last names on this page. Some clients choose to leave anonymous reviews as well.  You can read some on Yelp too! 



Very knowledgeable. He answered my questions and provided help above and beyond my expectations. Definitely recommend him.

— Jeff

Unfortunately I was in a car accident. Someone pulled out right in front of me! Luckily for me my sister new of a great lawyer! He helped me through the whole process! I wasnt harassed by the other party or have to deal with the mumbo jumbo from the insurance company. He referred me to a good chiropractor and I got the help I needed! He made sure I was reimbursed for all of my expenses resulting from the accident! The experience was the best it could have been in this situation!

— Heather

Jonathan was very professional but maintained a “personal touch” with our situation. He was focused and delivered what he promised. HIGHLY recommend him.

— Anonymous

Jonathan goes out of his way to advocate his cleints’ needs and in a manner that is reflective of the client him/herself. He was concerned about getting justice for me but kept my own style and personality in mind when determining “the temperature” of the exchanges. That made me feel comfortable while being supported!

— Anonymous

Jon helped me with a tenant eviction case. The case was very complicated, so Jon spent some time to talk us through the options. Jon was very clear in the explanation and was always reachable when we had questions. He’s genuinely a good guy and you can sense that from working with him.

— Yang

Jonathan Stein did an excellent job with my family’s insurance claim! After we were hit by a car that ran a red light I contacted Mr. Stein. Jonathan took care of all the complicated dealings with the insurance agency for us. He worked to reduce the stress on my family in every way he possibly could. Mr. Stein was more than just a lawyer doing his job; through the whole process I truly felt he cared for my family and worked to get us the compensation we deserved for any pain and suffering resulting for the accident.

— Nick

I recently hired Mr. Stein to represent me in an automobile insurance claim. I was emotional, scared and angered by what had happened to me, and found Mr. Jonathan Stein by way of referral. He immediately put my fears to rest and acknowledged that my anger toward the occurrence was completely justified and legitimate. During the course of my case, Mr. Stein worked tirelessly and aggressively on my behalf. I always felt secure in knowing that my case was being handled properly and professionally. Mr. Stein guided me every step of the way with clear and thorough communication and ultimately settled my case appropriately. I am so glad that I found Mr. Stein, and plan on utilizing his services beyond this claim. If you’re in need of representation, I HIGHLY recommend getting in touch with the Law Offices of Jonathan G. Stein.

— Heather

I’m a single woman and was dealing with a situation in which men dominate. I was feeling lost. I was referred to Mr. Stein by a friend. Upon my first encounter he had this reassurance about him. I immediately felt at ease as if my situation was in good hands. As time went on he made me feel like I was a friend. He kept in touch with me regularly. I felt like he worked on my situation as if he was working on a personal case for himself. I am so thankful to Mr.Stein and his diligence in seeing my situation all the way to the end. He is amazing. I can’t thank him enough for his work in getting my situation in order and on track. Mr. Stein is a true blessing. Thank you from the depths of my heart. You are a true blessing.

— Shenita

Our family was blindsided by several life changing incidents which required obtaining legal advice and action on a moments notice. Jonathan did not hesitate to take on our case and helped us to avoid even more devastating circumstances; he was readily available and extremely knowledgeable. With his vast resources and guidance we were able to secure substantial funds that were at risk of being illegally diverted from a family member. We can never thank him enough and highly recommend his services!!

— Pam

Jonathan helped me out and provided confidant guidance at a time when I was spinning from dealing with collectors and the like. He treats you like family while maintaining a professional headspace about the work at hand. What more could you ask for?! Thanks Jonathan!

— Paul

Jonathan has helped me a couple times. His legal advice is priceless. His response times are also above and beyond.

— Anonymous

After harassing phone calls night and day from a few creditors over the past year I decided I was fighting a loosing battle and decided to obtain an attorney. I called a few, they either did not call me back, or I did not mesh with them over the phone until I called Jonathan Stein. He was extremely knowledgeable, in my same town, friendly, and was always reachable when I had any questions, and boy did I have a lot. He was amazing, he took my case and let me make payments. The harassing phone calls stopped immediately from the creditors. He always stayed on top of my case, emailed or text me frequently even if nothing was happening at the moment, just to keep me afloat of how the case was going. He was there every step of the way. He settled my cases very quickly. I am very satisfied with his services and I can not thank him enough.

— Gina

When I asked Jonathan to look at my case I was so angry and felt victimized, honestly ive spent a lot of time in recent years trying tactfully communicate how much adversity ive had to overcome without portraying myself as the victim, because I truly believe we each create a lot of the positive and negative events in our life.That and also i came to realize nobody cares what happened to you, however, when you can utilize what happened to you to make a beneficial difference for others there is always a positive feeling that comes with it and the professionalism and kindness actually allows me to look at the entire case now without anger and injustice, and move on with the posiivity that was created from a negative event in my life. I recommend Mr. Stein when you know you have to take action, because ethically its just the right thing to do

— Anonymous

Professional, reliable, reasonable, trustworthy and dependable. I was involved in a very confused case. I was under so much stress and anxiety. Mr. Stein words of reassurance appeased me and gave me confidence to trust in his abilities. The world need more lawyers like Mr. Stein to protect and defend small businesses.

— Anonymous

Jonathan is great! He’s honest and open, making you feel empowered and educated to resolve whatever issues you are having. He’s quick and clear with communication. He worked with me to settle an outstanding debt with a particularly egregious collector. I felt protected and safe, enabling me to feel good about the decisions I was making. It was as easy as these things can be. Highly recommended.

— Paul


When dealing with attorneys, you wonder who they are really fighting for. This wasn’t the case with Mr. Stein. My situation wasn’t about wins and loses but more about what is right. Jonathan made sure I was treated right by both his office and the other party.

— Anonymous

I cannot thank Mr. Stein enough for his help with a dispute I was having with a credit company. Erroneous entries on your credit report can be detrimental to your financial landscape and Mr. Stein went to bat for me to correct the misinformation. If it wasn’t for him, I would be traveling a different life road. That is why I title my review as Life Changing Support. Thank you Mr. Stein. I highly recommend him for any personal matters you may have!

— Tony

Jonathan is about the best there is when it comes to auto accident cases. I hired Jonathan shortly after my traffic accident last May. He was there every step of the way to help me and guide me through the minefields laid out by the other driver’s insurance company (and mine, too). He told me when they were lying and when they were being honest. When my Crown Victoria was totaled he helped me obtain a better offer for the car. His availability was also apparent; always willing to talk with me outside of “normal” business hours. I would recommend Jonathan to any auto accident victim.

— Mike

After fighting with a creditor over the past few years, I finally reached out for help. Jonathan came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and was always reachable when I had any questions. The issues I had with the creditor included bullying tactics, multiple points of contacts, and the illegal service of the lawsuit. Jonathan upon being retained immediately went to work for me and the bullying tactics ended right away. After only a few exchanges between Jonathan and the creditor in court, the creditor dropped their lawsuit against me. As Jonathan had promised from the beginning, the results of the lawsuit were in my favor.

— Deanna

After fighting with a creditor over the past few years, I finally reached out for help. Jonathan came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and was always reachable when I had any questions. The issues I had with the creditor included bullying tactics, multiple points of contacts, and the illegal service of the lawsuit. Jonathan upon being retained immediately went to work for me and the bullying tactics ended right away. After only a few exchanges between Jonathan and the creditor in court, the creditor dropped their lawsuit against me. As Jonathan had promised from the beginning, the results of the lawsuit were in my favor.

— Bruce

Jonathan helped me out on several occasions, with one being a forgiveness of a substantial debt. His personal approach to each client is the best customer service one can ask for. He explains every step of the process clearly and leaves no question unanswered. I felt like a person and not just another client. Even after the case was finalized, he has been available for other related questions and referrals to other resources. I highly recommend Jonathan without hesitation.

— Andrea

I found myself in a bad situation regarding consumer debt several years ago. Another attorney who promised to help didn’t deliver and ended up making things worse. One day I was reading about consumer debt, lawsuits, collection and lawsuits on the internet and stumbled upon Mr. Stein’s blog regarding these topics. I was impressed with what I read and subsequently contacted him regarding my situation. He responded very quickly which put me at ease from the beginning. Here is the bottom line, I don’t think there is anyone else better versed in his areas of practice, anywhere. He cares as much about solving your problems as you want them solved. I’ve seen Mr. Stein in practice first hand. I’ve benefited from his skills and I’m finally getting out of the mess I’ve been in for a few years after my divorce. Don’t waste your time calling other lawyers trying to find one who can help you. I’ve already wasted tons of time doing that. Just call Jonathan. If he can’t help you, I’m sure he can send you to someone who handles that legal area and is similar to him. Jonathan Stein cares. Jonathan Stein delivers. I can’t thank him enough for the stress he lifted from me and for his guidance. Is he on my speed dial? Absolutely!

— Bam3275

While I am not currently a client, I have done extensive research to find an attorney well versed in handling collection agencies and that’s what led me to Mr. Stein.
Recently, my son got himself into some traffic issues with tickets for speeding. The charges he is facing are serious enough to warrant representation by an attorney.
Not knowing who to hire, I threw the dice and sent an email to Mr. Stein explaining the situation briefly and asking if he could provide a referral. Keep in mind that we had never spoken, been introduced or had any kind of exchange at all. Mr. Stein responded to my email within 30 minutes with the name of a friend of his.
After calling and speaking to that person my son and he didn’t hit it off so, I sent another email to Mr. Stein and again he was very quick to respond and apologized that his first name didn’t work out and provided a second name.
While the second attorney didn’t work out either (was closing their practice in two weeks) I was fascinated that an attorney, in this day and age, would take time to read and respond to an email from a non-client.
I will definitely recommend Mr. Stein to anyone in need of his services and if and when I need them he’s the man.

— Keith


Trustworthy, Responsive, Knowledgeable, Keeping me informed are the things you would expect and hopefully get when you hire an attorney. With Jonathan you also get genuine caring about you, the client, and your concerns. He listens to your issues and concerns and he explains legalese easily and makes you comfortable with the actions he is recommending on your behalf.

I was receiving an excessive amount of unwarranted collection calls for months and finally reached out and found Jonathan, who stopped the calls immediately, then negotiated a settlement that ended pleasantly. I would not hesitate to hire Jonathan for any legal issues should I need an attorney in the future.

— Zelda

Mr. Stein has represented me on two separate occasions and was victorious with both. He has advised me on 3 separate personal matters and was kind, personal with sympathy and took the time to advise me, again with success! I referred him to help 2 different family members on 2 very separate matters and he was beyond fabulous. When I referred a personal close friend, although Mr. Stein could not help with the matter, he took time to review the information and made recommendations that served beneficial for my friend. He is extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable and trustworthy!

— Toni

Mr. Stein provided with the help I needed , and unfair actions of debt collectors were stopped. Case was resolved in the best possible way.

— Anonymous

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. I have used Mr. Stein on more than 1 occasion. I have referred several friends to him and they also have been very pleased with their results. My first case was helping me out with a short sale. It was a very long drawn out process. I was relieved to have someone in my corner fighting for my rights. Mr. Stein handled all the calls and paperwork and was finally able to negotiate a favorable deal for my family. His expertise allowed us to come to a much better deal than we would have been able to get if we had tried to go up against the bank by ourself. He has strong communication skills and kept me informed through the entire grueling process. Hiring him to take the day to day, week to week stress off of me was the best decision we made. I really don’t think I could have made it through the 6 month process without him.

My second time hiring Mr. Stein was for a debt relief issue. I had a credit card that I closed. Two years after Chase allowed a charge to go through on the closed account. I had moved so I did not receive the bills in the mail. Two years after the charge off I was contacted by a collection agency. I told them I had no knowledge of the charges. They were relentless. They called day and night, I really did not want to answer my phone anymore. I asked for proof of the charges and the charges were for multiple hotel rooms in Tucson Arizona, a place a I never been. I tried to take it up with Chase but they said it had already been charged off and there was nothing they could do. I contacted wrote letter after letter and made call after call for over 18 months trying to get his resolved. I finally turned it over to Mr. Stein who made a few phone calls and wrote a letter and poof! They case was over, it was removed from my credit report. I am so thankful that Mr. Stein would take on such a small case, that had caused me so many problems. He never once said just pay the money and move on! He fought for me and my credit score! I found out that no case is too small for an attorney who will fight for what is right!

Mr. Stein is an approachable gentleman who prides himself in helping people. I believe he is an attorney that gets great satisfaction from helping his clients out of difficult situations. He really cares about each and every one of his clients.

— Heidi

Jonathan Stein has been my attorney for over 7 years. I am a small business owner that was hit hard by the economy. Mr. Stein negotiated several settlements with vendors and property owners for me. He always kept me informed of the status and did a great job of keeping me calm through the entire settlement process. He also was able to get a vendor to return money back to me that was withheld for over a year. I highly recommend Jonathan Stein.

— Joe

I wanted to first start by saying that Jonathan Stein took the time to make me feel that I wasn’t alone in my legal matter.

It was a case that was emotionally charged and he took the time to fully advise me on my legal rights.He made sure that I was comfortable with any outcome and that he was a phone call or email away. If I had any questions or concerns on the progress of my case.That made me feel at ease that he was my personal advocate and I could return to concentrate on the other things in my life.That to me is priceless.

He is very good at his profession with the added personal touch.I’ve never worked with an attorney before.Being that this was the first time and with a case that was emotionally charged.My worries were sky high and Jonathan made sure that I knew that my legal rights were going to be protected.

I would personally recommend Jonathan to anyone that wants that kind of personal service and peace of mind.

— Curtis

I needed a lawyer to represent me in a dispute I was having with my landlord and found Jonathan’s profile on this site. I was a little skeptical seeing all these 5/5 ratings – thinking maybe they were fake, but I decided to give him a call anyways. I am very glad I made that call, and can assure you that he deserves every one of these ratings.

Every detail of my case was expertly handled. Anytime I called him with a question he would respond immediately and clearly explain things to me. I felt as if I was his only client and he worked on my case around the clock making sure ever little detail was covered. In addition to providing impeccable customer service Jonathan is also an excellent lawyer who knows exactly what he is doing. Quite simply the other party in my case didn’t stand a chance.

I normally don’t take the time to write reviews of things, but Jonathan is that good that I felt obligated to share this. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney.

— Chris

Jonathan was easy to work with and very responsive. He has great professional relationships in the community and is knowledgeable in his areas of practice. He stayed on top of opposing counsel and got resolution to my case in a timely manner.

— Brianne

Mr. Stein provided invaluable assistance to me as I chose to act as my own representative in Superior Court in a civil law suit over an old credit card debt. The suit was brought by the Brachfeld Law Group acting as lawyer for Midland Funding LLC. I found Mr.Stein on the Internet as I was beginning my research to prepare for my trial. After an introductory email, I asked Mr.Stein various questions as this was my first time being a defendant in a Superior Court case. Mr. Stein offered to ask as my advisor for a minimal fee an he would be paid on an as needed basis. This kept the costs down for this do it yourselfer. Mr Stein continued to respond quickly to any emails sent by myself during my trial preparation. His answers to my questions were concise and to the point. If I needed further explanation of a law concept or law stature, he would explain it in layman terms. With his back up, I felt very confident and well prepared for the Short Cause Trial. As it turned out, the case was dismissed because the plaintiff failed to show on the trial date. The case was dismissed. Even though the case was dismissed at trial beginning, I felt ready to represent myself if needed. Mr.Stein was very helpful in pointing what to expect a the first day of trial and I was ready to handle most situations as they might arise. He demonstrated excellent professionalism and knowledge during my trial preparation and I would strongly recommend him to anyone if asked.

— Rene

The previous reviews do not exaggerate; Mr. Stein himself returned my call within 30 minutes of my posting an email to him. He was extremely helpful and was able to answer all of my questions and give me some peace of mind. I would highly recommend using his services.

— Jennifer

When it became necessary to hire an attorney to assist with a debt matter I had the great good fortune of being referred to Jonathan Stein. From the first moment of our relationship Jonathan was professional, friendly, sympathetic and so much more than helpful. He guided us through what is an onerous and sometimes emotionally draining process from beginning to end. He took the time to explain everything to us each and every time the situation changed and put big worries to rest with his calm reassurance. Should there ever be a need I will call Jonathan first and will enthusiastically refer him to anyone I know.

— Anonymous

Mr.Stein answered the phone and listened to my story about my landlord.He was VERY nice and understanding of my situation. He explained to me the answers of the questions I had and helped me feel more at ease. I was very anxious in the beginning and talked all over the place, but he was able to understand what problems I was having and I felt much better after talking to someone who is an expert in these laws. Even after getting advise from him he gave me some information that would help me in the future of my landlord gets worse. I will be moving as soon as I can, but until then I will put up with this slum lord and know that I have Mr.Stein to fall back on for legal councel if needed. He is well worth it even with him being out of town and having to pay extra for travel cost. I can sleep better tonight!

— Michelle

I have consulted with Jonathan on 2 separate occasions. He has always been upbeat and responsive – I recently contacted him via e-mail. Before I could exit his website he was on the phone providing me with the information I requested. Needless to say, I was impressed and grateful. Having worked in sales before, I will say he has exceptional customer service.
I have 2 lawyers in the family and I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer. I went through a worker’s comp/disability claim. I wish I knew Jonathan then – I was less than pleased with the handling of my case. Of all the lawyers I have dealt with, except family, Jonathan is by all means the most ethical, personable, and professional I have known. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to family or friends.
I can honestly say he gives lawyers a good name! Keep up the great work.

— Daniel

We were being evicted from a rental that was foreclosed on, and weren’t given enough time to get out. Jonathan negotiatied everything we needed to move comfortably and on our own time. His fees were super low compared to what we expected. The best part of working with him was his response time to questions and e-mails. He was so fast, usually answered the phone call himself and responded to e-mails within minutes, not days like other attorneys we had contacted. Thanks for everything.

— Sarah

From the start Jonathan was very personable and took the time help me understand the process. I would recommend him to anyone seeking councel or a consult.

— Chris

I contacted Mr. Stein a little over three weeks ago and as of today my debt collection case is over. It only took a brief interaction for them to realize that they didn’t stand a chance against Mr. Stein. The Plaintiff filed for dismissal and agreed to everything I wanted.

Not only is Mr. Stein great at his chosen profession he is also very understanding and personable. He kept me constantly informed, answering emails in a surprisingly prompt fashion, and dealt with me directly rather than having all communication handled by his staff. The personal touch was not only comforting in a stressful situation but it also made it clear that I had made an excellent choice.

Don’t let his location stop you, as it almost did me, I am in the Los Angeles area and he handled my case without a problem producing better than expected results. In my opinion this is the lawyer you want on your side!

— Anonymous

I was referred to Jonathan by my chiropractor after being injured in a “rear-ender”. While the accident fortunately was at a slow speed and the damage minimal, it nevertheless injured my back and neck.

I sought and received treatment and when it was time for the other person’s insurance company to settle the claim, they made a ridiculously low offer that didn’t even cover my medical expenses.

I contacted Jonathan and after discussion of the case, he advised me that my best, and most affordable remedy would be to sue the person who hit me in Small Claims Court. Since he couldn’t represent me in Small Claims Court, he served as my mentor, coach and advisor and, with his guidance, I was able to present my case in court and was awarded a judgment that was twice what the insurance company had offered, and was sufficient to cover my costs, repay my own insurance company and compensate me for the damage.

Jonathan displayed integrity, knowledge and sensitivity for my budget. He was an astute and wise advisor and I wouldn’t hesitate to retain him again or recommend him to my friends and family. In fact, I will be making use of his services again in counseling me on a real estate purchase in the near future!

— Anonymous

Jonathan represented us on a Debt Collection case and I would recommend him highly. He made a very high-stress case as pain-free as possible. He worked closely with us, explained the process and kept us informed at all points and was great at putting our minds at ease with any questions or concerns that would arise. His professional and friendly demeanor made it easy to know that things would be taken care of. I would highly recommend Jonathan and cannot stress enough how much I appreciate his personal attention to our case.

— Anonymous

Recently I was in an auto accident. At first, I was told that the young man who hit me wasn’t even insured. Mr. Stein met with me and explained how he would be able to help me. Once I hired him, I didn’t have to worry about anything. Every call, every letter, ever issue I turned over to him and it was taken care of. His reassurance during that difficult time was such a relief.

— Anonymous

I have written to Mr. Stein, following his great rating on Avvo, asking for help and directions on two occasions, even though he is out of my state. Based on his EXTREMELY prompt and friendly replies – the best of any one in the business and I have met some rude ones – his deserves every star on the rating.

If you are in CA, check him out!

— Anonymous

Jonathan has handled a couple of my cases. The first one against Cash Call and the other for another debt collection violation case. He handled both cases promptly, friendly and professionally. I truly appreciate that Jonathan answers his own phone and always gets right back to you. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.

— Anonymous

I had the pleasure of having Jonathan Stein represent me in my auto accident against Safeway. He was very open and honest with me about my case. If I called him direct, he answered his phone. It was great. I didn’t have to track him down. I felt that he honestly cared about my family’s situation. He was very good about keeping me informed. I would absoultly recommend him to anyone. As a matter of fact, I have!

Thank you again Jonathan for all of your help!!!

— Natalie

Although this is a tough review to write because it highlights some of my past negative marks Jonathan did such a great job that I must share the great work he did. When I was looking for people who could help with my credit it was not easy to find reviews of people. I’m assuming it’s because no one wants to admit they had/have issues.
From the moment I called Jonathan he was friendly and informative in helping me identify my options. He is very knowledgeable and professional in his dealings and his response time was excellent. In the end he was able to resolve my case quickly and successfully. He quoted me a price and stuck to it – no upsells or changes or shady stuff.
I’m not sure what else to say (or that I can say) other than the next time I have legal issues I will come to Jonathan and he’ll be able to help. If not, I’m sure anyone he refers will be of a similar quality.
One other thing is that I accidentally contacted him thinking he was located in Laguna Beach. During our talk he let me know he was in Northern CA but came down to Southern CA regularly. So I’m assuming he can pretty much help anyone in California.

—- Brandon